Class Etiquette

As part of a student's training, it is important for the student to learn and respect the rules, traditions, and class etiquette followed by the dance and theatre world and held by the Oxford Ballet School.

Promptness and Attendance
1. Please arrive promptly.
2. Be sure to leave time to be dressed for class.
3. If student is late to class, it is the teacher's decision whether the student may take class or watch and take notes.
4. Regular attendance is very important. Any class missed can be made up in another level below. Be sure to fill out the make-up class form available at the desk.

1. Respect for the teacher, other students, the studio, the theatre, and guest artists will be expected of all students.
2. Students may not enter the studio area until invited by the teacher. Students may wait quietly in the foyer or dressing room.
3. Gum, food or drinks are never allowed in studio area.
4. No conversations between students during class, and the student's hand should be raised when there is a question for the teacher.
5. It is the tradition at the end of class to thank the teacher (and accompanist if present) by applauding.
6. If student needs to leave class early, please let the teacher know before class starts. At the appointed time, the student should thank teacher and then leave the studio quietly.
7. Hanging on bares is not allowed.
8. Cell phones should be turned off during class.
9. Bathroom needs should be taken care of before class time.
10. No street shoes allowed on studio floor.

Guidelines for Parents
1. Please make sure child is dressed and hair is up before class.
2. Any snacks should be eaten before arriving to the school.
3. If your child is 11 years old or older, please schedule a placement class by contacting the school director. Refer to the placement chart if your child is younger than 11 years.
    Level Placement:
       Your child must be at least
       - three years old by September 1 to enroll for the Pre-Ballet class.
       - five years old by September 1 to enroll in Ballet I.
       - seven years old by September 1 to enroll in Ballet II.
       - nine years old by September 1 to enroll in Ballet III.
4. Due to the open design of the studio and foyer, we ask if you are waiting for your child at the school to wait quietly as to not distract the students.
5. Class observation days are listed in the Calendar.
6. Please drop off and pick up your child promptly before and after class. Remind your child to always wait inside studio to be picked up.
7. Teachers may have several consecutive classes to teach each day. If you have a question for your child's teacher but are unable to speak with her before class, please feel free to write a note and place it in her box by the desk.
8. Any class with less than four students are subject to cancellation.

Note: Parents of younger children are encouraged to speak with the child's teacher concerning access to dressing room prior to class.

Dress Regulations

  Dancewear Package Order Form

The mark of a truly fine dancer is reflected by the dancer's strong technique, artistry, simplicity and neatness in style. Teachers can more effectively correct students, and students will concentrate better without the distraction of loose hair and extraneous clothing. Therefore, we ask that no sweatshirts, T-shirts, shorts, plastic pants, or large jewelry be worn.

Girls should wear a regulation leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes with elastics.
Boys should wear a white T-shirt , black dance pants, white socks, and black or white ballet shoes with elastics.

Regulation Leotards
Simple leotards with no ruffles, appliques, or puffy sleeves please.
Pre-ballet - pink
Ballet I - mulberry
Ballet II - lavender
Ballet III - purple
Ballet IV - navy
Ballet V - black
Ballet VI - black
Beg. Adult Ballet - students preferably may wear any colored leotard and tights but may also wear any clothing easy to move in.
Pointe shoes - please consult teacher before purchasing.
Pink tights and ballet shoes for everyone.
Theatrical pink tights are preferable for performances.

No Jazz boots or jazz sneakers.

Adult Jazz
Girls wear black leotard or form fitting T-shirt, black tights or black jazz pants, and black jazz oxfords.
Guys wear white or black T-shirt, black dance pants, and black jazz oxfords.

Students wear any color T-shirt or tank top (no midriff please) black jazz pants or capris, and black flat heel tap shoes. Students may need to purchase a new pair for recitals.

It is important for a student's safety and concentration that hair is neatly and securely up and away from face. No pony tails will be allowed except for Pre-Ballet students.


   Genevieve Fortner, Founder/Director