Class Schedule 2007-2008

Monday 2:15-3:00   Angela Barlow
Tuesday 2:15-3:00   Angela Barlow
Wednesday 4:45-5:30   Emily Haadsma
Wednesday 5:30-6:15 Emily Haadsma
BALLET I   $160
Monday 3:00-4:00   Angela Barlow
Tuesday 3:00-4:00   Angela Barlow
BALLET II   $200


Monday 4:30-5:45   Genevieve Fortner
BALLET III  (2X per week) $300  
Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-5:45   Genevieve Fortner
Ballet IV (3X per week) $460  
Monday 5:45-7:00   Genevieve Fortner
Tuesday/Thursday 4:30-5:45    
Ballet V (5X per week) $480  
Mon/Tues/Thurs 5:45-7:00   Genevieve Fortner
Wednesday/ Friday 3:30-4:45    
BEG. POINTE   $80  
Thursday 4:00-4:30   Genevieve Fortner
INT. POINTE   $40  
Thursday 5:45-6:15   Genevieve Fortner
Wed/Friday 3:30-4:45   Genevieve Fortner
Beg/Int Adult Ballet** $160  
Wednesday 6:15-7:15   Genevieve Fortner
Beg. Adult Ballet Intensive** $40 Angela Barlow
Tuesdays, September 11-Oct. 2 12:30-1:30    
TAP I**   $80  
Tuesday 4:00-4:30   Angela Barlow
TAP II**   $80  
Monday 4:00-4:30   Angela Barlow
TAP III Intensive**   $40  
Tuesdays, Aug 14-Sept 4 7:00-8:00   TBA
JAZZ Intensive**   $40  
Tuesdays, Sept 11-Oct 2 7:00-8:00   Jennifer Mizenko
Beg. Modern Intensive** $40  
Tuesdays, Oct 9-Oct 30 7:00-8:15   Jimmyle Listenbee
Friday 4:45-6:45 levels TBA
Saturday  10:00-12:00 Levels TBA
**Open Enrollment Classes $15 per class/$12 university student discount
All Classes subject to change.
Classes with less than 3 students will be closed.


Registration fee $20


Description of Ballet Classes

Ages 3-4
Emphasis on creative dance with an introduction to basic ballet technique and tap steps. Creative dance nurtures the child to move freely, develop music and listening skills, and express creativity through movement.

Ballet I
Ages 5-6
Emphasis on ballet technique and beginning tap including the continual development of musical and improvisational skills.

Ballet II
Ages 7-9
Emphasis on ballet technique focusing on correct placement, body alignment, and leg and arm coordination while furthering student's ballet vocabulary, music, and performance skills.

Ballet III
Ages 10+
Continual emphasis on elements taught in Ballet II while focusing on strengthening ankles and feet in preparation for advanced foot-work and Beginning Pointe. Girls must be at least 12 years old to begin pointe. Students will be individually considered as to readiness for pointe shoes. Students must attend class twice a week.

Beginning Pointe
Age 12 +
In addition to attending Ballet III classes, students will stay an extra half hour a week to study pointe. Students must obtain permission to attend this class.

Intermediate Pointe
Age 13+ 
In addition to technique classes, students will stay an extra hour per week to study pointe. Students must obtain permission to attend this class.

Ballet IV
This level is structured for the serious dancer committed to pursuing a career in dance or considering a college dance degree. Students must obtain permission to take this level and must attend a minimum of three classes per week.

Beginner/Intermediate Ballet
Age 13 -18
This class is designed for the teen student who wishes to begin ballet class or to continue ballet training for the enjoyment and exercise without the higher involvement demanded in Ballet III and IV.

Beginner Adult Ballet
Emphasis on learning ballet technique while enjoying freedom of movement and relaxing tense muscles from the day's work.

Teen Jazz
Age 14-18
Students must be at least 14 years old and will be required to take a minimum of one ballet class per week to attend this class. Students will learn contemporary, hip-hop, and theatre jazz styles.

Adult Jazz
Age 18+
Intermediate/ Advanced level class
Students will further training in contemporary, hip-hop, and theatre jazz styles. Good knowledge of ballet technique is strongly recommended as a prerequisite to this class.

Junior Tap
Age 5-6
Students will learn beginning tap.

Senior High Tap
Age 13-18
Students will further training in theatre and rhythm tap.

Oxford Ballet School II
A pre-professional ballet program will be offered to the serious ballet student ages 11 through 25 by audition only. In addition to a minimum of three weekly classes, OBS II company classes and rehearsals will be on Fridays and Saturdays.